The Patriots Won Because of Grit

You can come up with all sorts of reason for the patriots win, but the culture of grit, the relentless practice and frequency of playing 100% to the last second of every game is what got them here. Everyone wonders why the patriots don’t take it easy when they are up 40 points. It is because if you take it easy and slow down, you build the culture you practice. Regulation play, is the best practice you can face. The falcons came out hard, but their inability to play an entire game at full speed it what defeated them. 

Just look at all of the sudden falcon injuries and penalties in the second half. This is no accident. They got tired and sloppy. They simply have not developed the culture of grit the way the patriots have. 

Watch out for the falcons next year and beyond. Pete Carroll built grit into the culture of the Seahawks (which is why they give the patriots a run for their money) and Dan Quinn is a product of that culture. If he carries that culture forward to the young falcons team, they are going to be a serious contender for years to come. 
We are on to 2018! Oh and duckboats 🐐!