Dropbox File Synchronization Application

There is a new application out there that is getting a lot of buzz lately. Dropbox, a free application that you install and it creates a local folder on your computer. Once you sign up for the free service you get 2 GB of storage space that you can use to store files online.
What makes this so awesome is that you can use this various different ways. The first way to use this is you can put files into the folder on your computer and Dropbox will automatically upload that file to your online account. They give you two options. You have a public folder and a private folder. When you put the files in the public folder you can get a link that you can pass out to whoever you want and they can access that file and download it. If you put the file in the private folder other people can access that file but, you can log onto your account from anywhere in the world and grab that file.
Another great use of this application is, you can install the app on all your computers. It doesn’t matter if it is Linux, Windows, or Apple. When you install Dropbox on different computers and you add or delete a file from your Dropbox folder on one computer, the application will update the other computers you have installed Dropbox on, once they are connected to the internet.
I have been using Dropbox since if was first announced and I have loved every bit of it.