Hello world! – Pixel Precise is Launched!

Hey Everyone,

It is official Pixel Precise’s website is now online!  Now you can follow the next best web design company from anywhere at any time!  Please follow here to keep up to date on all of the exciting news and updates!  This is an exciting day here at Pixel Precise and if you could help us out by following us on Twitter and Facebook, we would sure appreciate it!

Thank you,

Pixel Precise LLC


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New Company Coming Soon! – Pixel Precise LLC


For a while now I have been building a portfolio of web sites and fixing computers on the side. I have finally taken the leap of claiming this as a company. This is such a big step in the right direction and my mind is going wild with ideas.

This is still the very early stages and I don’t have an official website or anything of that sort right now but, stay tuned for many exciting things to come!