ASUS P5N-D Realtek HD Audio Static Problem

Recently I purchased an ASUS P5N-D motherboard to replace the one that failed in my Dell 8400. This ended up being a Dell proprietary nightmare and needless to say I ended up with nearly a whole new rig. Since setting it up, I had to iron out a few kinks. One of which was an annoying static that came from my 2.1 speaker system (that came with my Dell 8400 a few years back). After searching the web for a few days I couldn’t find anything helpful. Most everything suggested hardware failure or driver issues. Turns out that it is a problem with the internal speaker volume. Wait… what?!? Yes, the internal speaker volume is what caused my issue.

If you go to into the Realtek audio volume control there is an option for adjusting the internal speaker volume and the following steps will help you fix this:

  1. Right-click on the Realtek icon sound_icon in the task-bar.
  2. Select “Sound Manager” from the pop-up.
  3. Now select the Mixer tab and click the arrow (highlighted in red below) until the PC Beep is visible.  Now lower it until the static feedback goes away.